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 Turpin's Pale Ale 4.3%

A beautiful pale ale that with its citrus aromas, low-medium hop and biscuit flavour is easy drinking and refreshing. So kick back, relax and meditate responsibly
Turpin's Light Bitter 3.4%

Fruity and light session beer. Dark amber colour, hoppy finish.
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Turpin's Stout 4.6%

A combination of coffee, coca and dark chocolate provide a refreshing beer that we believe all the great minds of Cambridge will enjoy over and over. So sit back, relax and experience the taste of Cambridge!
Turpin's Golden Ale 3.9%

This refreshing fruity golden ale has a perfect balance of sweet strawberry taste and hoppy finish.
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Turpin's Best Bitter 3.9%

Light amber colour, earthy and woody aroma, bitter with flavour notes that are spicy, blackcurrant, loganberry and lemony citrus.

Turpin's Green Buddha Golden Ale 3.9%

Brewed with green Pilgrim Hops straight from the hop farm. Pilgrim hops have a deeply fruity, spicy, yet unusually pleasant lemon/grapefruit aroma with flavour characteristics including berries and pears.
Turpin's Golden Ale 3.9%

Light amber colour, brewed with Mosaic hops this golden ale has a citrus and blueberry aroma, tropical fruit and pine with citrus flavours and a dry hoppy finish.
Turpin's Winter Ale 3.9%

This winter ale is copper colour, has malty, fruity and slightly sweet flavours, hoppy and a bit spicy finish.
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